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During my 25 years of providing Executive Coaching I’ve come to learn there are at least 25 principles that define a good leader. I am sharing those principles below. Please let me know if you agree, disagree or have others to add to the list.

  1. Leaders must be explicitly honest
  2. Leaders must build trust and maintain high integrity
  3. Leaders must have and communicate a vision with a roadmap or plan
  4. Leaders must be humble
  5. Leaders must have the ability to recognize others, not just themselves
  6. Leaders must ask for and welcome other’s opinion and feedback
  7. Leaders must believe giving direct and straightforward feedback is a gift to the recipient
  8. Leaders must be good listeners
  9. Leaders must be clear and succinct communicators
  10. Leaders must be self-aware and continue to develop thyself
  11. Leaders must know how to evaluate risk/reward
  12. Leaders must stick with what they know best
  13. Leaders must not be afraid to show their weaknesses and admit mistakes
  14. Leaders must hire and develop people smarter than they are
  15. Leaders must know how to replicate best practices
  16. Leaders must have the ability to manage change
  17. Leaders must be empathic and have high Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  18. Leaders must have high energy
  19. Leaders must have a passion for and a commitment to their profession, organization and employees
  20. Leaders must be tactful at all times
  21. Leaders must have and display confidence
  22. Leaders must be problem solvers and have the courage to act decisively
  23. Leaders must remember the past while always looking forward
  24. Leaders must do the job they earned and park their ego
  25. Leaders must exhibit executive presence

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