The Two Pillars of Leadership Success

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The Two Pillars of Leadership Success

In March of this year I posted “Tilton’s 25 Principles of Leadership Success.” The principles were based on what I learned during my 25 years of providing Executive Coaching and became the inherent elements of how I define a good leader. I received considerable positive feedback regarding that March post, including viewer’s submitting objective suggestions of additional principles to add to my list. As of this date, I am giving serious consideration to expanding the list with another five logical principles.

At the same time I was asked by a reader to rank the principles based on my perceived notion of their importance to Leadership Success. As a response, I believe all 25 principles are a must to achieve even a modicum of Leadership Success.

Certainly, many individuals can climb to leadership standing without having each principle fully developed; however, without the two pillars…Humility and Empathy…I do not believe Leadership Success can be fully attained.

Humility is a keen sense of self-awareness, meaning you know who you are, you know your strengths and you know your weaknesses. You must not be self-centered and must not believe you are the smartest person in the room. Being humble means you know how to build a team around you and you know how to form a working environment that empowers and encourages creativity, debate, collaboration, risk-taking and transparency.

Empathy is the ability to understand what motivates, energizes and generates excitement and passion in and among people. A good leader makes an attempt to identify and relate to the feelings and thoughts of another person. A good leader learns and visualizes what it’s like to walk in the shoes of each member of their team.

I welcome your opinion regarding these Pillars of Leadership Success. Do you believe these Pillars are innate, or can they be learned?

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