Executive Coaching Services

Executive coaching is a proactive, positive process aimed at fostering leadership growth. Coaching provides executives with an objective perspective that produces opportunities for constructive growth and change.

It inspires in each executive and manager an enhanced commitment and dedication to the business success of the organization.

Coaching recognizes that organizations can benefit from assistance in addressing complex interpersonal or career issues affecting valuable employees, it is a chance to develop and fine-tune leadership skills with outside independent professional guidance.

Areas of specialization

High potential coaching – Maximize performance in current position and assist in mapping the next career step and prepares the executive to move forward in a planned, focused and productive manner.

Career Path Issues – Helps an executive deal with career issues and how they fit within an industry or organization and determining the best career path.

Behavioral/Interpersonal issues – Identify and resolve management issues interfering with performance.

Leader in Transition/Newly Promoted – Sharpens executive skills for those individuals who have recently been promoted, transferred or given new responsibilities.

Cultural integration – Helps a recently hired, transferred, or an executive assigned to a new business unit outside their home country borders. Emphases is placed on assisting executives assimilate smoothly into new cultures, both country and organization.

Conflict resolution – Assist superior/subordinate, peer/peer to weather style, personality, strategy, priorities and/or vision differences.

Fee and Duration of Engagement

The fee is negotiable based on scope of work required and if client 360° Feedback report is utilized or customized 360° interviews are required. The service period is generally six months, commencing with the first meeting with the employee. Due to vacations, business travel and other corporate commitments, the actual coaching duration will extend greater than six months.

What Client’s Say

“Our firm has engaged Stan to work with twelve individuals at our firm since 2005 in various coaching capacities. In my opinion, he has done a great job with everyone. Of the twelve individuals Stan has worked with at our firm, five have advanced to Director level (Partner equivalent – our firm has fifteen individuals who are Directors) – I believe that Stan’s work with these individuals contributed greatly to their success and professional advancement.”
Joe Beach, (Corporate client)
“Stan greatly helped my colleagues and me at PRIMEDIA to overcome the turbulence that accompanied rapid change in strategic direction and associated management changes. The business brought on new senior staff, with conflicting agendas that resulted in severe dysfunction.”
Dan Aks, (Coaching client)
“Stan’s coaching expertise and guidance were instrumental in helping me successfully transition my career. He provided me networking and relationship building tools that were effective and he worked with me to develop a strategy tailored to meet my particular professional goals and interests. Stan was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.”
Deborah Tyler, (Career transition client)
“I have had the opportunity to hire Stan Tilton as a career coach when I transitioned into a GM role and again when I transitioned to a new global role; both at new divisions / companies. During these times of transition, Stan was very accessible and provided me with insight and coaching to address a number of career transitions, including role expansion, expanded leadership and global/cultural considerations.”
Renee Tannenbaum, Ph. D., (Coaching client)
“Stan is an excellent executive coach. I would recommend him to any professional that is looking to make improvements in his/her professional life. Stan enhanced my professional development through an individually tailored program that perfectly suited my needs. Stan is a trusted advisor to my career development plan.”
Jim Forgione, (Coaching client)
“Stan coached three executives for me during my tenure at ConvaTec and in each case his process and results were excellent! Stan is perfect mix of style and experience from which any executive could gain valuable insights about their approach and style.”
Kevin McManus, (Corporate client)
“I’ve worked with Stan for almost 2 years. After a 360 feedback that identified things/issues raised that I needed to address to improve myself as far as being a manager/leader/mentor. Stan’s coaching has given definition to many of these issues, given me tools to address these issues, given me ideas to use to influence others to improve their impressions of me concerning these issues. Stan’s strategy was to focus our discussions on my responses to different situations.”
Lew Fish, (Coaching client)
“Stan helped me indentify my strengths and weaknesses and taught me useful tips on effective networking as I transitioned into a new position. He had great insight and showed strong interest in helping me achieve my goals.”
JP Gibbons, (Career transition client)
“I highly recommend Stan to help anyone through their career transition process. It has been 14 years since I have had to look for another position, and I found it especially helpful to have Stan’s guidance when beginning my job search and while making important decisions along the way. He is thoughtful with his advice, extremely detail-oriented, and tremendous with follow-up. He also made himself accessible and provided timely feedback and focused strategy advice whenever I needed.”
Stephanie Tang, (Career transition client)
“It is with great enthusiasm that I write in support of Stan as an executive coach. His experience and guidance was instrumental in providing me with the tools to be more effective in my non-clinical role and career. Stan utilizes an approach that is extremely effective in helping one develop a strategy to achieve one’s professional goals. Stan is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him without reservation.”
Richard Aranda, (Coaching client)
“I retained Stan to coach three senior executives. Stan demonstrated a highly sensitive ability to quickly understand each individual’s unique personality, management style and particular development needs. Stan sets himself apart from other executive coaches by his extensive experience as a successful senior executive in both manufacturing and service organizations.”
David Johnson, (Corporate client)
“I have had the pleasure to work with Stan at Vygon on a MBTI Assessment to help determine Key Success Factors for a defined team. Stan was able to blend his deep consulting services with our business objectives to add additional value to our staffing efforts. He has a talent for strategic thinking with a pragmatic approach while maintaining very high integrity.”
Jennifer Boyle, (Corporate client)
“Stan and I began working together in October 2011. At first, I was a little apprehensive about executive coaching in general. However, shortly after working with Stan, I was able to recognize the benefits of his coaching. Stan was able to take an objective look at my strengths and weaknesses through the eyes of others within my company.”
Nicholas Durso, (Coaching client)