2019 Will be the Year of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

I was invited by LinkedIn Editorial Team to provide my insights and perspectives regarding the future of leadership development. Specifically, my prediction for 2019. #BigIdeas2019It has long been believed that great leaders are born and not developed. But this, I believe is not absolute. We are all born with an innate personality type (MBTI) [...]

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The Truth about Networking

Networking is a life-long journey. Most meaningful jobs are found through one-on-one networking. Your next networking meeting may lead to that dream job. The key to networking is to understand that most professionals enjoy helping and giving back. However, their time is valuable, so use it wisely and never expect anything beyond what they [...]

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Tilton’s Principles of Leadership Success©

During my 30 years of providing Leadership Coaching I’ve come to learn there are a number of principles that define leaders. I believe the 30 Principles listed below are required to be a great leader. Please feel free to add to this list. Leaders must: be explicitly honest be ethical have integrity have humility have high [...]

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Navigating Tough Conversations: An Essential Trait of Great Leaders – Part 3

In Part 1 of my series of articles on Navigating Tough Conversations: An Essential Trait of Great Leaders, I said a leader cannot be effective unless they are willing to engage in uncomfortable conversations and that effectiveness requires highly developed Emotional Intelligence (EQ). In Navigating Tough Conversations – Part 2, I stated that I believe [...]

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Navigating Tough Conversations: An Essential Trait of Great Leaders – Part 2

When high Emotional Intelligence is required! “You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.” – Aristotle, philosopher, scientist, teacher and writer. In my original article Navigating Tough Conversations: An Essential Trait of Great Leaders, I stated that a leader cannot be [...]

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Physician Leadership Success in Non-clinical Jobs

Myers-Briggs Personality Preferences May Enhance Physician Leadership Success in Non-clinical Jobs By Richard Aranda, MD and Stan Tilton, MBA In this article… Personality traits for physicians and business executives differ in some ways; take a look at those differences when it comes to the Myers-Briggs personality preferences. Click below given link to download [...]

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Tilton’s 30 Principles of Leadership Success

Leaders must be explicitly honest Leaders must build trust and maintain high integrity Leaders must have and communicate a vision with a roadmap or plan Leaders must be humble Leaders must have the ability to recognize others, not just themselves Leaders must ask for and welcome other’s opinion and feedback Leaders must believe [...]

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Is it true that 95.4% of Executives are Thinkers (T) in the language of Myers-Briggs Personality Type?

This means 4.6% of Executives are Feelers (F). This data is culled from 122,864 respondents to various MBTI assessment instruments. Copyright 2008 by CPP, Inc. This data makes a clear demonstration executive suites are dominated by Thinkers. This raises two questions.   1) Why the preponderance of Thinkers at the executive level? And 2) Why so few [...]

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The Two Pillars of Leadership Success

The Two Pillars of Leadership Success In March of this year I posted “Tilton’s 25 Principles of Leadership Success.” The principles were based on what I learned during my 25 years of providing Executive Coaching and became the inherent elements of how I define a good leader. I received considerable positive feedback regarding [...]

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